Selling 3D Models

I apologize if this isn’t the correct forum for this question.
I have been using Blender since 1999 and absolutely love Modeling. I can get by with light set up etc. but my passion is definitely modeling.
I was using 3D models as reference for Vector artwork when I started thinking about whether or not I could sell my 3D models? So I did some looking around and I can’t find many posts/articles around selling 3D models made in blender I thought I would ask here.
My Questions:

  • What sites do you sell on. I hear TurboSquid favors 3DS models and may not be the best choice. I know Blender Market is a good spot but I am not sure it gets much exposure.
  • The options for exporting seem limited. When I look at some of the formats that people include I can’t help but think providing an .obj file may not be enough. If you sell 3D models, what formats do you export to?
  • On a side note, I found a program called AccuTrans that helps ensure a model is waterproof and includes several export options. Haven’t tested them all as of yet. I exported as .obj and saved it in accutrans as .3ds and it converted my quads to triangles in man spots.
  • Are you making any money? I am hoping to build up a portfolio for several years so I can use it as passive income when I retire.

Any other tips? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some of my older work (ignore the paneling on the motorcycle, I keep meaning to go back and fix that):