SELLING ANIMATED SERIES ONLINE - The Lost Samurai Series - need help GUNSHIP is onboard

I have the first three parts to my new animated series. The Lost Samurai. They will be up on Youtube for a while. Until I start selling them. Then I will only have the teaser trailers on Youtube. I have them up now so people can see and maybe get interested in helping me out. I need voice actors I have someone doing sound effects and original score his work is in episode one I am including the link at the end of this post. Also models. I am using downloaded characters at the moment. I really need artists to initially work for free (Before you stop reading watch the animations I have done so far first, see them not as they are but for what they will be. Links below) and produce some cool characters. The payoff comes in sales when its ready. I have a whole world the size of the marvel universe already ready to go. If anyone sees this and is interested check out my Videos on Youtube. I have several musicians who have already agreed to let me use any song from their entire library of songs. One musician has 9 million views on just one of his songs. Another band GUNSHIP is onboard. THey have fanatical fans no one just likes GUNSHIP. Teir fans love them. GUNSHIP is famous for having animated music videos as well. 2 of my animations are already on their official YouTube Channel in the Covers Reworks and more Playlist. I have the #1 and #16 spot on that list. You can veify this for yourself if you like. Their fan base is huge. They have 187000 subscribers and 55,000,000 Yes, 55 million views on their youtube channel. So the potential to sell to an audience like that is worth a little investment of time for me and hopefully some talented character modeler’s… I have stories concept animation and set design handled personally. Please contact me on facebook or my email. FaceBook - ElixirNinE Digital Creations. E-Mail: [email protected] Here is my animation. its in 3 parts, These animations are essentially the events I want to unfold but everything is only a place holder for whats to come If I can get a crew together. The story is really good and will appeal to almost everyone. There is to much to even mention here. Besides… I cant reveal to much at this point. Its good enough to steel. Part one: Part two: Part three: If anyone actually watches these please like and subscribe and comment and share. Thanks everyone. My goal is to sell episodes no longer than 10 minutes. and release new ones every 3 months. Quarterly.