selling game

Hi, is anywhere on internet place, where I can upload my blender game and sell it? I mean something like for 3d models. Im looking for place where people buy and sell their games. It should be good to have some extra money from my blender games. Do you think it exists?

I’m not pretty sure I would pay more than 10 box for a game made on blender. If you want to sell model to indie there are many to do so, but for game, I’m nt sure you’ll find anything.

I found this page now|Games
but it seems not large, but maybe I can try. If you know about more pages, please post it here:)

When i get better at gaming this would be a good idea maybe start cheap or somethin

make your own site, and then you get to keep all the money :slight_smile:

joxer . create your own site , and with this they will not take fees and percentages :slight_smile:

hmmm gurus got a pount if you hosto on a nother site then they will take part of your money