Selling textures

Hello. When selling models (for example, on BlenderMarket) is it necessary to use only your own textures? Or you can use someone else’s? How it works?

Your question is not clear. If you can articulate the issue better we can offer you some insight.

For instance, what is a “use only your own textures?” ? How do you define “your own textures”?

If the textures you use were bought from somewhere else and there was no licensing on it, you assume it is owned by that artist. Some free or paid packs might let you use them commercially, but most of the time neither the models nor the textures up for resale. They are not selling them to you to rebrand and resell it somewhere else.

The texture you made (and not bought somewhere). But it is very difficult to create textures for each model, especially if you want to sell a kitchen or bedroom scene. What to do in this case? Is it possible to use someone else’s textures in your model?