SEM look?

Hey I’ve recently been trying to creat the SEM looks that I’ve seen in some peoples pictures. I tried putting the negative lamp in the same position as the camera and such, and it just makes the whole object really dark, and u can’t really see the sides too well. What I’m really looking for here is a complete tutorial, or blend file that I can check setting in or something, or if you have any ideas what my problem might be.


What’s SEM? like an electron microscope you mean? if that’s what you want, then you’ve got the right idea. play with adjusting the power of the lamps, especially the negative one, and also you can try pulling the regular lamps more toward the camera.

Thanks, I messed around with the lighting alittle more, and I think I fixed the majority of the problem… cough think… anyways… it helped a lot to have the emit of the object up a bunch, because then u didn’t get the non-negative lamps making the glare all freaky(only half the sphere lit up etc.) but thanks, any other suggestions are welcome!