Semi transparent character

Im creating a character that is basicly a ghost, im trying to have hime semi transparent but parts of the characters head/facial features are partly inside his head, so you can see them while he is transparent,anyway to stop it?

if you dont get it think of it as a transparent glass box that you can see through but not see the items that are inside.

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Can you post a picture…I think I get what you are saying…but it would be nice to see it.

If it is along the lines of what I think is happening - I don’t think it can be fixed via the material. You may have to model the problem out (i.e. by not having external features intersecting with the transparent part of the body/head). You could use Boolean modifiers to help achieve this.

I would avoid Boolean modifiers. This might be better achieved with masking in the compositor, or by rendering the character separately and making him transparent in the compositor.

Yeah, compositor is the way to go on this problem. even if you fix the model, if the character has limbs, anytime they overlap, you’ll get transparency artifacts.