Semi WIP: The Arch

800x600 version

Any suggestions? What needs the most attention?

All procedural textures/plugins, btw :smiley:

That is very cool looking, if you worked on anything I think the rock part could be a little different but actually I like the overall picture very much.
Very well done. Personally I probablly wouldn’t change a thing but you did ask what needs the most attention and that was what I came up with.

Cool image,

nice setting and textures :slight_smile: Although rock may need more work. How many textures you used? Maybe another one cloudy, ggreenish, giving the idea of patches of moss?


I liked it as soon as I saw it. It was like “ahhhh.” Kind of cool looking (temperature-wise.)

The only thing I would suggest would to make the grass a little more dense (ala Malefico’s [I think] tree image) and to vary it in height a bit.