Senior moment: blank image-textures in game mode

Forgive my senior-moment here… :yes:

I have a couple of image-based textures. They look just fine in a render. But when I hit ‘P’ to go into game-mode the objects show up as nothing more than blank squares of vague colors. (In other words, I’m seeing an effect that looks like a silhouette.) No textures.

In the same shot, “Texture” view also looks strange… the objects are once-again squares but this time it’s rather black-and-white-ish. :eyebrowlift: (Ooh, that was descriptive, huh?)

Anyhow… what button did I forget to press? (Yes, I do have “use Blender materials” in the Game menu.)

Don’t use blender materials in the game menu. Did you try?

Don’t? Why not?

Try to add a “texture-none” slot for each material?!

Whack! :o I told you it was a “senior moment!”

The material uses a bitmap-file that had been moved. I don’t know if I fixed the problem correctly, but I had to reattach the bitmap to the texture and run through the UV-map sequence again.