Sennheiser HD-201 phones

Does anyone have these phones? I could buy them for as secondary phones for some more bassy music. I’ve got the Grado SR-60, but they provide boomy bass only if you either got an amplifier or the music has a strong bass it self, the headphones themselves do not reinforce the bass. They’re excellent phones. I’d just like some other phones for the music with strong bass, since I don’t have an amplifier.

So if you have them, please tell me how the bass is, and the overall sound.
Try listening to some metal with double bass going on in it. Or just something that has bass, like some hiphop music.

OR, you could tell me if I can get a good equalizer/amplifier/bassbooster program from somewhere.

Please, don’t post me any messages about links to other sites, I’ve found one with a review, but I rather get some opinions from people that have these phones.

I haven’t got the HD201 but I have the HD202s. They don’t cost much more, but they are brilliant headphones. The bass is incredible, picking up clearly bass that my 10" sub can’t handle!

They’ll only cost a few £ more, but when I researched them they got all kinds of recommendations saying they were exceptionally good for the money.

So I’d recommend going with the HD202s if you want clear, refined bass (although I can’t comment on the 201s)


Can’t say for the phones you are looking at, but I got some HD 555’s this week, and they are fantastic. The bass is better than my speakers, by a long way, as well as having the detail in the higher ranges at the same time.

What sort of price are you looking at paying?


“I could buy them for as secondary phones for some more bassy music.”
I’ve got the Grado SR-60 phones which are superb. They don’t exxaggarate the bass. If I had an amp, I don’t know if I was even asking this question. They’re magnificent for metal/rock/classic stuff, but I could use some phones that do exxaggarate the bass.

I might not even need them, if I can configure the winamp to set the deep bass. Closed phones are a bit different from open phones, too.
The idea was to pay as little as possible for them, and get some quality.

I got an hd202 too, and for the price, it’s an ok headphone.
If I was to buy another headset I would buy one with larger
pads so my ears would fit inside them :slight_smile:


You need ear trumpets, young man!

Along with the stylish and matching spectacles, you will look rather splendid while listening to your popular music.l


Seriously, I can’t help with the specific headphones you are looking for, but perhaps go to a store where you can try them out (take along a cd of favourite music?) Then buy online once happy with choice of headphones! 8)

Oh, dandy!
That’d be very joyfull!

I tried a pair of headphones but they cost about 125 euros, and I thought that maybe these models would have the same characteristics as them. Well, this would anyway be really an optional purchase for me. The place where I tested the phone is train ride away, I don’t go there often. Maybe next time I’ll try them… but I don’t remember if they had that model on the “hear these” section.

Falgor, surely if you ask in the most sincere and polite manner of “I really want to buy these headphones”, you could get a listen to them in the shop. If the shop thinks they will get a sale, then they should do so.

Then say, “Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

Walk out the shop, go home, and buy online!