Sentinel in progress..

(Hexa-dB) #1

Hi, I’m another Elysiun newbie but I’ve been messing about with blender for a year or so. I split my time between working, girlfriend duties, making music and 3d so I don’t get as much blendering done as I’d like.

Anyway, here’s my Sentinel so far (started during a quiet moment at work and without any reference material initially).

I’m yet to make any tentacles I’m happy with (see my post in in the Q&A forum) but I’ll get there eventually! Oh yeah - and I need to redo the legs, after checking I discovered that it should have another leg joint.

(rogerm3d) #2

Man I wouldnt want to mess with that
Cool model 8)
Lighting could use some work
Nice start you have there

(S68) #3

That might go to the Living Mechanics contest!


(blengine) #4

thats one nice job u did there =)

my only suggestion, its very organic looking , which is real cool, but id like to see it balanced with sharp mechanical things, like gears or sectioned wires

i just love all them ‘eyes’!

(BgDM) #5

Good start. Very true to eh original from the movie. Only thing missing is a bit more shine/relfection. As I recall, they were almost chrome looking.

Are you going to add the tentacles, etc. to this as well?


(Hexa-dB) #6

BgDM, Yep I will add tentacles when I can find a suitable way of modelling them… :wink:
The textures are kind of temporary too, I have checked the DVD since doing this and the actual one is a bit more shiney and more blue-ish.

rogerm3d, the lighting was just temporary too :slight_smile:

I wish I had the discipline to work on a model without texturing it until the modelling is finished, but I always get carried away and want to see it with textures heheh

Thanks for all the comments :smiley:

(JoOngle) #7

Cool model, good imagination!

I usually model without references too (But don’t tell anybody! :wink: )
It has a good chance of ending up like something that hasn’t been done
before when you do that - so it’s sometimes a fun thing to do.

I especially like the “Blurry” crystal-like eyes. It’s like they’re made out of jelly.


([email protected]) #8

what you could do is get yourself a texture that gives u dark bars like the procidural wood one and using that as a bump map on a cylinder and putting a good sheen ect on it just a suggestion… :smiley:

(Hexa-dB) #9

I tried that and it kind of worked, except when I bend the tentacles the texture goes all over the place (maybe I should spend more time learning how to use UV maps) :confused:

Cheers for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

(valarking) #10

that’s just amazing. the modeling is good, but the lighting is just spectactular! i know how you feel not having time to blend and such, i too have my time taking up with piano studies at the moment. i got very little blending in. :frowning: