Sentinel Lighthouse

Hi all

This is a rendering for an Architectural competition entry to redesign an existing lighthouse. The architect is an amazingly talented designer and I hope I did her design justice.

I’ve been working on this for the past two weeks and had a lot of advice from the cgcookie community with the lighting

Hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.


The sky is weird … )

Thanks for the feedback Pavel… can you elaborate?

This is great work
Everything about it looks good…
However i do have 1 single peice of critisism:
The whole scene looks really empty.
For example you could maybe add a hill on the right of the building in the distance
or cast some tree shadows along the groung infront of the building

And as Pavel sad the sky does not look much like a sky. It has a more fantasy look to it
if your going for that style then thats perfect exactly how it is

Damn I was hoping you wouldn’t pick up on that:P I wss going to add rocks in the foreground but I got caught with the deadline. Didn’t think to add shadows though, Damn. I’ll try out a few more hours in for a portfolio render.

Ah ok…i think I see what you mean by the sky.

Very nice!

Resubmitted image based on feedback… Thanks guys I really appreciate the advice.

*Played around with the free sample sample rocks from blender guru’s rock essentials. Altered the textures subtly.

**I know I should have posted this in the focused critiques section first but I’m new to these forums and assumed my project was complete. I’ll bare that in mind for my next project.

I disagree with Pavel. I like the sky. It is very detailed and realistic.