SENTRY (Team Fortress 2 Speed-modeling)

Hey guys! Today I had some free time, (Almost done with highschool YAY~) and so I decided to go ahead and do a speed modeling session. Being a longtime fan of Valve’s games, I thought doing a High Quality rendering of a sentry would be a good tribute piece. I hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry for the Extra post, If I had realized there was an image limit I would have planned the groupings better.

Wow! That’s excellent! How long’d that take you?

nice work :slight_smile:

TF2 I like this game. good work :o

Thanks! 2hrs 30minutes

Thank you very much!

I’ve put to many hours into the game XD really long lasting entertainment. Thanks!

It looks highly faithful to the real thing from what I can see, but the black background isn’t doing it any favours in the visibility department. Other than that, it looks excellent!

I’ve heard from a few people that the images are to dark on their monitors so, Here’s some fresh renders with brighter lighting and a Mid gray background.

Haha, I love TF2, I have 1500 hours ingame. This model is fantastic.

Ohhhhh. this is from that other game i’ve never played.
as an off topic addition here’s another Valve turret:D.