Separate black color from a building and replace with a bright color light an emission of white

Can any one advise how to set up the Shader for an image and just extract the black color and replace it with white light (emission).

Appreciate some pointers

There is a lot of way to do it. This one have tweaking nodes for sharpening and changing the emit value.
But what is important, is the map range node that filter color values going from 0 to 0.2 and map them to 0 to 1

here i’m acting on the pancakes’s darkest browns .

hope it helps

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Thanks a lot skuax.
Although your setup does not meet my entire needs, but with some modification it got what I needed … with all windows of a building light up. See below

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mark it solved to help the others find there ways. :slight_smile:

hmm skuax, how do you mark it “solved”. Never actually aware of this option

hmm I can’t find this “Solution” tick box … maybe only you can do this ? i only submit the query