Separate Sphere from Flag wind force

I try to add a sphere to hide my animated flag.
The tick sphere ( modifier solidity) vill open/close slowly ( like a puzzle ) with (modifier explode) and inside (sequence editor) change direction (backwards)

I dont want the exploding sphere to follow flag wind.

I want the sphere open up on frames 1- 250 and close from frames 250 -1, or 250 - 500, but I dont know how to close him back. I try with (I loc/rot) from frame 250 and drag him back to fame 1 and press (I loc/rot) Dont work.
If I extend frames from 250 - 500 flag stop blowing.

Is there any trick. Tell me.
Thanks in advance.


  1. Put the sphere on a different layer - make sure you clear the cache before running the animation
  2. Not clear what you mean here. To reverse the explosion you will have to export the animation of the sphere exploding, import into the sequence editor and reverse it, and then combine the implosion and explosion.

OK interesting. I try
Thanks for helping.

I solved the problem .