Separated mesh mobility

Hey blenders,

I’m new to the 3d modeling world and loving it, but I have a question for yinns.

-Is there a way to independently move part of a mesh that has been separated?

Ex. I’m using a torus to crate a row of teeth. I have manipulated and sectioned, but I would like to move them around slightly…think it would look a bit better.
p.s- wasn’t able to section them to be closer together. Also, wide gap is for a different tooth.

Great site and Thanks everyone, happy modeling!

Go into edit mode, select a face or vertex, or edge on just one of the teeth and press CTRL + L to select everything connected to it. You can now move just that tooth around in edit mode, or press P and separate by selection so you can move it on its own in object mode.

Alternatively I now realize you could just press A in edit mode to select everything, then P to separate by loose parts, and save yourself a lot of time, but its good to know the first technique too if it ever comes up in another situation.

Thank you for the response! Appreciate the info

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