Separated objects animates together

Hi all!
New user here… :slight_smile:

So I made an object like a logo, out of a Bezier Circle to start with. While in Edit mode I added two more Bezier “parts” but as I did this in edit mode I guess it became part of the Object. While in Object mode it seems and acts like a whole anyway.

When I was finished I started animating, just rotating the logo. After a while in the animation I want part of the logo to become static while other parts keep rotating. So I duplicate the object and keyframe visibility to hide the first object and show the new one, after a while in the timeline. In edit mode of the duplicated object I seleced one of the added Beziers and pressed Ctrl-L I think it was, to select all of it. Then separated it from the others. Now I have the two objects selectable as separate in Object mode.

But whenever I try to keyframe rotation to one object it also applies to the other. When rotating one or the other it looks correct in the viewport, only the one selected rotates, but when adding the keyframe it seems it adds to the both of them. So when playing back the animation they both rotate or no one does.

I tried un-grouping, un-parenting and a lot of other actions but can’t get it to work.
Help please!?