Separating Models into different meshes

Hello blender artists!

I’m dabbling with some video game development and I dove head first in to Blender as my modeling software of choice!

I have a mesh which somewhat resembles what I think would be a level design. However, in the UV mapping phase I realized that I should have broken this mesh into multiple parts and then resemble them in the game engine (I’m trying Unity for that one).

That all being said, I was curious is there a way to take a selection of polygons and make it a separate object so I
don’t have to redo the mesh? The selected polys are the piece that I wish to separate.

In edit mode, as in your picture, select what you want to separate and press “p”, you will have three choices, but from your message, just take the first choice, separate by selection. Then you will have a new object in your scene.

Thanks! Worked like a charm. Just did a google search for separate meshes in blender and found it. Before I had been using the wrong words to search. Sorry for the silly question! Thanks for the help though.