Seperate Objects

Hello, So I’m still advancing in Blender (However I’m still a noob) and I need to know how to seperate objects from each other. Like for example, I was trying to add a transparency effect to a model of mine, but when I applied the effect it applied for the whole model, which wasn’t what I had planned. Same thing happened when I tried to apply a subsurf. So how do I seperate these objects so I can apply different filters and what not to either one? Sorry for the nooby-ness, but you gotta start somewhere I suppose.Thanks in advance!-Hayden

Select the part you want to separate and press P to physically separate it. You can also find separate from (Edit/Mesh)/Vertices.

Ok so I have the objects seperated, now how do I edit an object?

In object mode, select that object (right mouse), then go into edit mode.Tab switches between edit mode and object/whatever-you-were-in-before mode.

(If you have more than one object selected it will edit the Active Object, which is the one that glows a little brighter than the other selections and has its name printed on the top right of the screen (and optionally, the bottom left of each viewport).)

Hi I have a related question, how can I edit two different objects at the same time. The idea is to be able to snap to the points of one object with the other so I can get them to line-up - though I do not want them to merge.

You might be able to select a vertex on one object, move the 3d cursor to it (shift-S, 4), then edit the other object and use the 3d as a point of reference. Not sure how snapping works though.

Well, if nothing else works, you can duplicate the object and join the dupe with the other mesh, then delete the extra verts from it after.

Can you please clarify that last post?