Sephiroth portrait

I’ll attempt to recreate Sephiroth and render him in blender. Currently trying to achieve likeness, I’m referencing him as he appears in Crisis Core/Advent Children. Any criticism appreciated.


I think it’s going well. The eyes seem fine to me at this stage.
The ears tho should stick out a little even on anime characters.
Keep it up!

Good start, ears definitely need to be pulled out.

Ok ears fixed, anyone can see what features are off?

Blocked out the clothes and retopo-ed the face for animation. Think his eyes might be too small there’s something else that’s off but can’t put my finger on it, any ideas?

Made his nose a bit longer and eyes bigger, worked a bit more on the outfit, no details on the clothes yet. Started referencing this clip in which his features seem more clear. Criticism appreciated.