Sepparating 'Blender News' & 'Blender Discussions'

as per the following thread:

I have noted that many people have a difference in opinion over what ‘News & Discussions’ really means/defines.

So I would like to propose we separate the ‘News & Discussions’ the same way CGS has,
that is to say, into two separate forums, one being the news the other discussions.

Hi Filex, that’s actually a good thought. If it causes so many issues for some, then maybe the two should be seperated.


Voted No.
The thread you linked to was ‘argueing’ whether the original post should have been put in the News & Discussion or one of the Support forums. Your suggestion wouldn’t have helped at all with that decision.
Instead of having support threads posted in ‘News & Discussion’ you’ll have them in the ‘Discussion’ forum, back to where we are now. As long as it’s made clear what is Support and what is Discussion there’s no excuse to incorrectly post.
As for the CGS forums, they have much tighter rules (heres an example for General Discussion) on what can/cannot be discussed and the type of users there gives a better managed forum