Sequence editor: inset (scale down) a video onto another

Hi all,

I wish to take two videos, scale one down to ~50% say, and overlay it over the other video. So effectively a video inset, just as you might inset an image into another larger image. Is this possible?

The problem I’m having is the transform strip affects both videos, not just the one I added it to. That is, both get scaled down, rather then just the one I wish to inset.

Any ideas?

Combine the strip you wish to shrink and the transform strip into a meta strip. Then set the blend of the meta to alpha over.

Thanks mate, that worked.

One more question, how would I go about taking two movies and combing them side by side? That is I’d start with two movies of width X, and end up with a new movie of width 2X. I thought I could make an image of width 2X, alpha over one movie and translate it to the left, make it a meta strip, and then alpha over the second movie on the right, but it didn’t work (combing the background image and the movie doesn’t give me something of the right width).

If you aren’t wanting to change the orginal size of the movies (that is, if you want to take two 320x240 clips and set them side by side to make a 640x240 output) just click “Use Translate” on the Input tab for each clip. For one of them, set the “X Ofs” to 320 (or whatever the width is). Then, for the strip that is on the highest numbered track in the VSE, change the mode to Alpha Over. You don’t need a transform strip in this case. Just make sure your output size is set correctly; in this case to 640x240.

Thanks mate, you’ve saved me heaps of time! The bit I was missing was setting the output size correctly. It’s obvious in retrospect, but I required a nudge to put it all together. Cheers.

We’ve all been there. Glad to help.