Sequence Editor : relocate video & sound stripes

Hip ! folks

I’m new here. I’ve been blenderting for 4 years now.Used to be on Linux, now on Masc OSX.4.9.

Here’s my problem :
I’ve an old video I want to reencode in a better way. ( :D) )

Has I still have my originals stipes (AVI RAW video) and my .Blend sequence Editor setup (with the vido stipres, sound stripes, crossover effects…) I’d like to re-render a new output of the cut.

But my big problem is (as told in the title) that the path for my stripes has changed !!

How can I reset/edit the stripes path ??

I hope there is an easy way other than the Shift+a/movie borring one :-/

Thanks in advance

! qiH

yeah, i wish an image sequence strip had some useful properties, one of which was file path and inclusions. so, re-add is the only thing i know, sorry. You now though can press A in the Select Images window and all images will be selected, so its only a matter of finding the folder and pressing A.
And then if you pack…maybe all the frames…but that would make a huge file.

I was affraid so… :-/