Sequencer problem

Hmmm… I’m not really sure if this is a dumb question, but I hope it won’t be hard to answer. I’m using this new build for Mac OS X and I wanted to use some glow from the sequencer. The problem is I can’t find the strip properties! I press N and nothing happens. I simply can’t tweek the effects from the sequencer.

SVN has moved them to the render window - a new subcontext. see the buttons at the bottom

wow… thx a lot. I knew it was a dumb question… :stuck_out_tongue:

Which buttons? … where? … (the “render window” (F10 buttons / render settings ?)

Can’t say I like this change “for the better”, pressing “n” in whatever window is much more consistent.


@Mike: agreed. see bug log, i asked for a popup reminder. wiki updated.

I’ve been doing a lot of video editing lately with this new layout and I love it. There’s WAY to many properties available to fit into an “n” pop up.

Having the sequencer UI work like the rest of Blender’s UI makes good sense.


@Pappy: oh yes! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the new features, in fact I asked for some of them. It’s just gonna take us old timers a few worn out N keys that we have mashed to death before we retrain our small brains to look in the buttons window.

I hope it also opens up all values to be animatable via IPOs / python.

so much wiki to udpate…must sleep…must sleep…

Thanks, found it, F10 doesn’t cycle to it though … I’d call that a bug :mad: … ironic in that Blender is supposed to be so “hotkey” oriented.


That bug was fixed 2 weeks ago.

As for the placing of the buttons. It seems a bit strange, because I can’t think of another example of the Buttons Window controlling stuff in a Window other than the 3D View. It seems inconsistent…

F10 once gets you to the last-used sub-context within the Render context. From there, repeated F10s scroll through the 4 subcontexts, one of which is Sequence.

@egan: if you change a subsurf modifer settings, the 3D view changes. If you change a particle setting, the particles in the 3D view change, etc.

Ya, I know, that’s why I said cycle :eyebrowlift:

I didn’t have an up to date version, just downloaded today’s build and it’s working.