Sequencer: Rendering multiple scenes

I’m currently in my workplace, not using or seeing the Blender interface right now, so sorry If I miss, mentioning any feature name correctly. My question is the following:

  • I’ve got diferent plans, diferent scenes, etc;
  • I’m using the sequencer, where I’ve added all this scenes as strips;
  • I want to render all these scenes directly from the sequencer, for further editing, in diferent software (Actually working with other people);
    Unfortunattly, I find that, the Render Panel, available in the Sequencer isnt the one, that controls all the scenes settings; I’ve tested; So, what I’ve been doing, is Scene by scene repeating the same values in the Render Panels, from the “main Render Panel on the Sequencer”.
    I would like to know, If I can Link all the scenes, to one single Render Panel, such as that one available in the Sequencer?
    Thanks for your time,

IN the vse, add->scene->select from list. position the strip. repeat for all strips. For the last strip, note the actual ending frame number, and enter that as the End: in the Anim panel.

Hey PapaSmurf ;D Wassup?
Yeah! I know how to do that already, the thing is that, I realised that the settings I use in that Render Panel, doesnt apply for each of those individual Scenes Stripps I added in the VSE/Sequencer; So, what I’ve been doing, is to repeat the same settings, to each scene. I find that to be repetitive, I would like to know if I could link each scene settings, to the main one (from the sequencer)
Sorry my english, maybe I didnt explained as I should, but thanks a lot for your time man!