Sequencer subtitles addon

Hello, this is an addon for adding subtitles.
To use it, just enable it and in the add menu of sequencer(shift + a), you should get a subtitle. you should have a saved .blend file, since the script creates a subfolder ‘subtitles’ and stores the resulting subtitles there.

the subtitle text gets typed in the operator props, which are so far only in 3d view :((i don’t get it…)
but anyway, enjoy and post comments how this could be improved, also if you do any nice templates, post them here please(the templates should be small and to test them youself just copy a blend with text objects to the subtitles/templates folder)

bad thing is custom props cannot be attached to strips, so there will have to be some hacky way to store title data to be able to edit text of the subtitles after the operator settings are gone.

Wow, nice idear. I can imagine the karaoke community will go nuts when they get to know about this.

Import and export of srt subtitles could be very usefull(even Youtube will accept this format):

The karaoke community uses the ssa format, because each letter can be timed:

(You can bang the drum over at this forum: if you want their attention :))

Hi, I didn’t actually know that there exists a karaoke community :slight_smile:

srt support is planned, seems to be quite easy…also for export.

I am thinking about using markers to store the subtitles text, or directly an external srt or something…

I don’t get it, it does not seem to do anything.
I see the Add Subtitle panel in the Tools palette.

What next?

Atom, you have to use it in the sequencer timeline with shift+a (that’s actually written in the first post), also it is working probably only after you save a file. You get a new strip in sequencer, type the text of the subtitle in the 3d view operator section, that’s it, it creates a subtitle from a template.

Maybe if you get a bug in console, let me know, I didn’t test on linux yet nor on mac, I wrote this on win.

I can’t get it to register, do I have to put those .blend files in the addon folder too? When running from text window, I am getting a “can’t find specified path” for templates error.
B2.57 rc2 r36007 Windoze

Hi, this has the potential to become something truly useful for video editing in Blender.
However, I cannot install the add-on. I copy the files to the addons folder but it the scripts do not seem to be available for installing. I tried installing it directly by entering the location of the scripts and it still fails to install/load/show up.
I’m on linux btw, maybe this has something to do with it?

hi, indeed paths could be problem, I tested on windows so far, will try on other platforms too.
it would be helpfull if you post me here your output in consoles…

3pointEdit : the directory structure should be copied to addons folder as it is in the zipfile, so addons/subtitles/templates/default.blend should be e.g. a path to one of the templates. The problem could be currently I dont really look for the template files properly, because often you can have more directories where you store addons and I check just the first one.

In between I looked into .srt support and got it kindof working, but the performance is currently bad, so I will upload new version if I manage to polish things up a bit…

I get a bug when using the addon in the latest official Blender release:

this is and old thread I know but I need help. I have this installed in blender I can see it in the add menu of the sequence editor but I have no idea how to get it to works and the wiki page says nothing helpful. All it says is the the use should be obvious. Some instructions would be helpful.

Hi, I’m working on subtitles and I’ve read other posts and many years have passed and I am using blender 2.69 and I added almost 2.7 script simple subtitle editor and field video sequence I put video and I put srt file and was not able to connect directly srt with video and is always the problem “traceback to most …” what problem? and which subtitle format suitable blender only. srt or something else? or add another pyton to run simple subtitle editor?

the script is simple wrong, it obviously tries to call an operator via bpy.types, which is the operator type definition. This is never going to work.