Sequencer: Trim start/end to current frame and select Strips.

Hi there,
This addon is made to make some editing tasks a little bit easier.

The Select current Strip operator does something similiar to the current frame aware selector in the sequencer extra actions addon, but in addition it will try to guess if there is an audio strip belonging to the video (determined by start and end frame) and select it, too. You can also cycle through overlapping strips at the current frame by reexecuting the operator.

The Trim Left and Trim Right operators do nothing more than setting the selected strips’ start/endframe to the current frame. If assigned to shortcuts this makes some tasks less annoying :wink:

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Cool I will try it out. Really bugs me that you can’t link strips other than meta-ing.


Wow, I really like it. Very simple and intuitive.

  1. However If an item remains selected and you forget, then try to trim the old strips go into error.
    To stop people forgetting to select the operational strips first, why not build the Select Current function into the trim buttons too?
    I scrolled away from old selection and didn’t notice that it was active before I hit the trim buttons.

  2. If the audio has been trimmed longer or shorter than the video, it cannot be selected by your button. Perhaps you could have a user check for non-sync items?
    -press button " Select Current"
    -popup says “Audio doesn’t match video length - OK?”
    -press enter/return for ok, escape for no.

Also How could I assign the functions onto a button?

Hmmm, could audio be determined at current frame by source path?

It should be possible and I put that on the todo-list. You’re right that it is the best way if it is an optional setting. Just remember that one does work with sound from an external recorder quite often, so there should alway be an option to switch back to the old behavior.

New Version: Adds a Cut Current Strip operator. Now you don’t have to select a strip and then cut it. Blender will do all in one step for you.

I’ve noticed that the selection of audio doesn’t work with strips that were cut. Is that new or haven’t I noticed before? There were some changes in how blender handles cutting files internally in svn, could be related to that.

Well, there was some issue with shared datablocks of copied audio strips (also stopped you from adding keyframes to second strip) but I think a recent commit changed that. Maybe the corruption was the strip name?

Really nice I like the trim it works very cleanly. And the cut tool just cuts the top most strip is that right (unless it is audio matched to video)?