Sergeant Schlock

I’m a big fan of Schlock Mercenary an online web comic. I’d like to know what everybody thought before I send it off as a fan mail. I created it using only Blender. Please ignore the poor gun modeling, I’m planning on fixing it later. I especially like how the plasma turned out. It is my first true success with particles. Please post your thoughts and especially your praises.:eyebrowlift: Oh, and if your interested in the web comic you can get an overview of it here.

I found Schlock Mercenary a few months ago, and have become a fan too. The plasma looks great, I can almost hear the THOOM.

A few critiques:

The middle finger on his right hand look too thin between the other two.
There’s a bump on his upper lip that just doesn’t look right, I think it would look better without it.
His mouth isn’t immediately recognizable as a mouth. I would suggest making it a hole that goes down into his belly, or at least color it darker than his body (like it is in the comic).

Where is his mouth? :wink: sorry I don’t quite get his anatomy, of course if I looked him up I could probably figure it out but it is so much easier to bother you :wink:

Awesome modeling otherwise, and I love the particles! :slight_smile:

The particles emit, don’t they?
Use radiosity for a better glow effect from the plasma.

Like Trevor said, the mouth looks weird; try just adding sides to it, I’d say…

Quite well done - I guess ou tweaked with the renderer and lights quite a bit.