SERIOUS HEADACHE! -How can I do sth After animation?

I’m pretty fine (yet) with bge I got interested to it just a few days ago.

I wanted to know if there was ANY possible way to do something (e.g:Set scene,Edit obj,…etc)
After my animation plays.I’m trying to make an “END LEVEL” animation in bge.

If you use logic bricks, use the “Frame property” of the action actuator. It sets the selected property as the current frame.

Then, use a property sensor to check if the property is greater than the frame you want.

Or, if you use python, use the getActionFrame() function of an object to get the current frame of the current animation.

No need to use uppercase letters. Better use a good description to make others interested to read your thread.

Check this:

How to: create Action sequences with logic bricks - the power of the ActuatorSensor