Set Alpha node for Shader Editor? (Eevee)

Hi just wondering what node or nodes would you use to use a black and white image to control the transparency?

When using the Compositor, I would use the Set Alpha node. But not sure what kind of set up I’d use in the Shader Editor.

I think there is a way using a Mix Shader where I plug in a Transparency BSDF with maybe a diffuse shader… but I can’t just plug in the Black & White image into the factor… seems I need another node.

EDIT: BTW I am using the Eevee render engine! Thank you in advance!

which renderer ?

if cycles it should work !

show your nodes set up

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Oh sorry I should have specified Eevee…
Here’s my shader network. I feel like the Noise needs another node to have it register as a matte.

try with the FAC output from Noise instead of the color one

the thing here is that Noise output is between 0 and 1 so it should work for small values near 0 or large values near one

so this is not a very good example as a MASK for the shader

a MASK should have values between 0 or 1 only like a Black and white image!

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Thanks for the reply, however I think the issue isn’t with the Noise Texture. If I use two different Diffuse Shaders, mixing works the same with both Fac and Color outputs (from Noise)

When I plug a Transparent shader into the Mix Shader, it doesn’t work…
I’ve attached my blend file too, if you have a chance to look… Thanks either way!

Shader_editor_Mix_Fac_v03.blend (805.5 KB)

did you do the UV Unwrap ?

change type to proc texture instead of UV
like Generated or OBject

now what else do you want to do with this ?

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Properties Editor > Material > Settings > Blend Mode to Alpha Blend/Alpha Clip/Alpha Hashed

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Thank you Helluvamesh! Much appreciated! Looks like Alpha blend and Hashed are better with a Color Ramp node. Also… Love your Color Scheme… but how did you get curvy pipes in your Shader Editor?

It’s a setting in User Preferences > Themes > Node Editor > Noodle Curving (number field near the bottom)

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thanks LoboTommy!

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