Set an animated fractured object as disabled

I’m trying to work on a simple animation of a glass wine bottle colliding with a glass cup but there is no way I can animate the “Animate” checkbox and paste it to each seperate shard. I’m wondering if there is a quick way to paste a keyframed options checkbox to all the other shards so that while my wine bottle is flying through the air the shards don’t fall off until I activate it at the collision point. Currently when I try to animate the “Animate” button it only applies to 1 shard and doing this to over 100 shards individually would take forever. Thank you in advance!

Select all the shards, SHIFT select the shard that has animated checked, then in the tool panel rigid body controls click copy from active.

I’ve tried to do that many times, it only applies the active setup not the keyframed setup of having “Animated” checked to unchecked.