Set Position Based On Curve

Hello all,

So I am trying to make completely procedural grass, except for the placement and shape, which will be done with hair curves.

I have made my blade of grass with 6 vertical cuts and 3 horizontal, so 18 vertexes. Then I was thinking of having a hair curve and take the position from each point on it and set that as the position of each “row/line of 3 vertex”, but keep the offset.

That is the part that is killing me to do. I have tried setting the position per row and now I am trying to set it per vertex.

Tell me, is this a really stupid way of doing it?
While I am writing this I thought that I probably should just use hair curves and solidify along the X or Y axis.

So I am not to sure what I was thinking use such a complex system, I mean, look at this node tree.

Everything under the nodes that are plug in, is what I was going to use. Now, with those nodes that are plugged in, I get:


instead of this:


the main thing now is to get the nice curve to a point.

Very confused as to what you are trying to achieve…

I do not understand why you’re not just doing something simple like this?

Please explain.


Yes!!! That is it. Thank you very much.

It is simple, but for some reason I went full on bonkers brut force. I think that taking a break would have helped🤣

If you get a chance, could you explain what each part of that setup is doing?

Good luck.

Thanks!! I really was going off the rails with my approach.