Set scene problem

Hello, so I have been playing with the scene actuator and want to use it to switch between scenes. I have a minimal scene set up and when I run into the object that has the scene actuator on it instead of switching to scene 2 I get a blank gray screen. The file is attached below
please help

EDIT: so I changed the file to set scene (the restarts scene works fine) and I made sure the camera is in the same position on both scenes and I am still having the same problem


set scene problem2.blend (492 KB)

sounds like your camera of the target scene is facing something gray

Your scene actuator is set to “restart” scene. And actually it does that right for me…

I have updated the file still having same problem.

Set Scene.001 to Blender Game mode (right now is set to Blender Render). Or just hit P key while in Scene.001, but NOT in camera view. This should solve

Just add an actual camera to the second scene, don’t link it.

Thank you very much that seemed to fix it