Set Smooth Shadows (not normals)

When i set smooth some things they get these shadows and its not the type ou can fix with ctrl n. And i keep coming across them when im modelling and cant get rid of them :o please help me out

Can you show a screenshot?

Try pressing the auto-smooth button. This is just a guess since your description was rather vague.


That, and here’s another thing:
You mentioned you’d see it when you’re modeling. If you activate Set Smooth (even with Autosmooth on) then the shading in the 3D window is a little weird, don’t worry about that.

You need to turn on subsurf to make it look proper.

Sorry bout the low detail its hard to explain and i thought if i went on to long i would confuse people. Soooo i let the picture do the talking this is something i did in 5 sec for an example


  1. If you haven’t already done so, apply some subsurf.

  2. If after applying subsurf and the mesh still shows this “stretching”, then add some loop cuts. Chances are you’re trying to stretch your mesh and this usually causes those black edges you see in your mesh there.

subsurf isn’t always the solution, especially if you’re trying to keep the redundant poly count down. Your second idea Wolf, of adding loop cuts, might work as well (instead of subsurf). But, what’s going on here is that the smoothing algorithm is trying to make the 90 degree corner appear rounded/smooth. Even with loop cuts, this will still look the same. You need to do a little manual beveling if you want to keep the polys down, and have nicely smoothed edges. If you have “Auto Smooth” turned on, those corners will render sharp as they are right now - but the open gl preview isn’t capable of showing that yet.

Hope this helps.

thx thats a big help