Set smooth

(blender_man) #1

This is not really a python question but i didn’t know where to post it…

does anyone know how ,in detail, the set smooth button works ie. the maths
I’m really intersted to know


(dmoc) #2

I think it goes like this: if the angle between the normals of the faces are less than a specified angle then the normals are averaged and applied to the vertices. Gourard shading then interpolates between the normals, smoothing out the edges. I may be wrong but that’s the gist of it from what I understand.

(meestaplu) #3

If you apply only set smooth to all faces on a mesh, Blender will smooth every edge, giving continuously smooth shading. This is true even on sharp corners – so 90 degree angles look REALLY weird.

Autosmooth is different. When you “set smooth” all faces in a mesh and turn Autosmooth on, only corners under the angle you give will be smooth. That way, sharp corners that you want to show will be visible.

When a face is set solid, autosmooth does not correct shading at all – it keeps the face faceted.