Set up group of objects (mesh) follow a path.

Hi, I have created a chain. I want to turn it in a full circle, then give it a rigid body. But how do get the chain link to follow the bezier circle? to form the closed chain loop. I have created a group. But don’t see how I could manipulate.

Thank you

Hi, I’m not a very experienced user, but if you undo the group, join two chain links (horizontal and vertical) together (Ctrl+J). Add a mesh->circle. Select the chain first, hold the shift key then select the circle, Ctrl+P and choose ‘Object’. Select the circle, and on the window Properties->Object (orange cube) on the right, go down to the ‘Duplication’ section, choose ‘Vert’, and select ‘Rotation’. You then can choose to make it real (Shift+Ctrl+A) “Make duplicate real” and either hide the original link chains to another layer (M) or 'H’ide it etc… I don’t know if that’s what you want. Remember the number of vertices in the circle decides how many copy you are going to have.

Thank you very much for the advice! I will go try that.