setting Object execute Priority

To explain: I have an Object, which does some global Settings to my current running Scene at Startup. I want to make sure, that this Object, and all connected LogicBricks, was calculated first of all other Objects by the Game-Engine. So the global Settings are available for them.
I know, i can do some Testings if this Settings are available, but that wouldn’t be necessary if it is possible to set an “execute Priority”.
I hope You understand what i want to say, and have some Help for me.
Thanks, Doc

How about having a “preloader” scene just before the main one? This is how I get around this problem. It’s just a simple scene that initialises global settings then moves to the main scene.

Good Idea. If i find no better Solution, i do it so.
But i found something out:
Make an Object and add an “One-Pulse” Always Sensor (All Pulse Modes OFF) and a Python Controller to it. Insert this Script:

import GameLogic as GL
print GL.getCurrentController().getOwner().getName()

Now copy the Object a couple of Times. Run the Scene and have look to the Console. You’ll see, that the Execution-Line is following the building Date, beginning with the newest Object.
Now make a Parent-Chain through all Objects. Run again, and You’ll see, that the Execution-Line now follows the Parent-Chain, beginning with the highest Parent. The Execution-Line does not change, after erasing the Chain, but after adding new Objects which have Scripts.

That’s exactly what i want to do, but without that parenting Stuff. I thougt i read somewhere that this is possible now, but i can’t remeber where. I think it was a simple Key Shortcut. I search the Documentation again, i think it was there.