Setting origins (pose, edit, object)

This is going to drive me to drink.

I’m going through one of Alex Cordebard’s tutorials.

So, the selected mannequin object (the one with the arm) has it’s origin (yellow dot) at just the right spot. If I tab into Edit Mode, the yellow dot stays where it is and the mesh teleports to a spot behind pretty far behind the back wall.

If I select everything in Edit Mode and move it, say to the point on the pole where the mesh is in Object Mode, and then I tab back into Object Mode, the mesh teleports the corresponding distance, which is unwanted.

I haven’t found a way to say, "Hey Blender. When I’m in Edit Mode with this mannequin, I want the mesh to be right HERE, (which would be the same place it is in Object Mode).


Mannequin (2.7 MB)

You probably wanted to move your object in the scene and to do so you’ve moved your armature in Pose mode instead of doing it in Object mode: if you select your armature and in the Properties panel > Object Data > Skeleton, press Rest Pose, it will go back to its rest pose, i.e. to its original pose. You can also select all the bones in Pose mode and press alt R/alt S/alt G, it resets all bone transformation. I don’t know how the origins (of both armature and mesh) ended up here but you can bring it back to geometry for both the armature and mesh.

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Thank you moonboots!