Setting the origin of an object? (v2.8)

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Would anyone be so kind and tell how to set the origin of an object to a face (center x3), edge or to a vertex ?
I might be mistaking the word… I’m not talking about the 3D Cursor that i know how to do (Shift + S). I mean the thing that control the basic orientations/scaling and so on of an object, like if we add a Cube, the origin is in the middle of the cube. So i just would like to know how to move that. It’s suppose to be shift right click a face or an edge but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m asking because i want to put the origin of a window to the side of it, so it would snap nicely to and edge of the inset in a wall.

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  1. edit mdoe: move the 3d cursor where you want the origin
  2. object mode: set the origin to the 3-d curson

In edit mode if you select a select a single vertex and right click ‘snap vertices’ -> ‘cursor to selection’
if you select an edge it will snap the cursor to the centerpoitn of the edge, likewise for a face. So the 3d cursor is now where you want the origin.

  1. in object mode, right click, ‘set origin’ -> ‘origin to 3-d cursor’
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