Setting transparency in realtime

Is it possible to set the objects transparency (boolean) to be transparent or not in real time?
And I can’t use GLSL. Only Multitexture or texture faces.

I manage to adjust the alpha of the object using Multitexture, but I couldn’t access the objects property of being or not being transparent, which I could only set manually.

When I hover the mouse over the Transparency property, it shows:

Python: Material.transparency

How to access that with python in real time??


my idea; you could try accessing the visibility actuator in Python or just create a transp.-ipo and play-stop that with python.

Those possibilities work. But not for me.
What I want is not possible, because I need to have real time access to Material.Transparency, which is only accessible with bpy, which means… not real time. So, I’ll stick to the “activate manually the transparency of each object”, which is the only possible option for me now. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: