Setting up UV for multiple objects

I am setting up UV’s for leaves.
The model is downloaded as mesh so every leaf is separate object.
I can select them all by material and then in UV editor there are many UV’s right on top of each other.
I am manipulating them all together and that works, however it is very slow because shear number of vertices. Is there an easier and faster way of doing this?
Also when there is so many UV’s on top of each other I can’t see the image beneath. Can I make them semi-transparent?


If they are set up as individual objects, you can link the mesh data to a single leaf, which is ideal. Even if not, it might be easier to rotate and scale the individual leafs into appropriate positions rather than do other editing on a million objects.

If they share topology, including vertex order, you can copy UV maps from a single active selection prototype, with the link data menu (ctrl L in object mode for me.)

If they already have a UV map, with the same UV mapping, you could use proportional editing (possibly with a very small radius) to move as many verts as you want, easily; you could lasso select to grab all verts, no matter how many deep.

There are a number of ways to change the display of UV coords on sidebar/view/overlays in the UV editor. Disabling “faces” and setting display as to “dash” seems to be the most transparent-ish.

They are one single object.
There is a possibility to separate objects by loose part, make changes on one, then transfer UV’s like you said with Ctrl L. But that is even slower than my current workflow. Btw. when I tried that even moving the single object UV’s was kinda slow. That was wierd.

I even tried to copy/paste UV’s with MagicUV addon but that doesn’t work like I thought.

Tnx for the transparency tip, it works!

Sorry, I musunderstood some stuff-- I see now that your issue is speed, not ability to edit many at once.

If copying UVs works, I hope you realize you can copy UV from active on any number of selected objects at once; and putting alll leafs in their own collection immediately after separation should make selection a breeze.

From your picture, I’d worry that you have way, way, way too many verts on that leaf, which will lead to immense slowdown with almost anything you want to do, but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s actually a million different leaves, with slightly different UV maps.

Yes that’s how I copy UV’s but copying isn’t slow.
Separating objects is slow.

Single leaf has around 10 vertices.
What you see on the picture are UV’s from all the leaves with same material.

Yeah, separate loose parts is slow, but at least you don’t have to sit in front of the computer while it works. Make a cup of coffee or something.

On the other hand, with 10 verts to move, it shouldn’t be too painful to adjust the verts. Snapping to cursor is probably easier than than doing it with grab + mouse movement. You could separate out a single leaf to prototype to get 10 proper cursor positions if you want to do it by eye. Select, cursor to selection, box select, selection to cursor, repeat.

Actually the grab + move works best so far.
I just have to grab it in the median point of selection, and then click on the place I want to move them so it’s pretty precise.
This way I don’t have to wait Blender to show where they’ll be put.