Setting up Wacom tablet popup controls?

OK, I bought me a Wacom tablet. I’m trying to create my on screen control popups. Any of you guys have suggestions on what to add as a shortcut/popups for modeling/sculpting? I was gonna add all the sculpting brushes for easy access ,but ran into this problem with shortcut. Trying to add like “shift + 1” ,but my Wacom properties is putting “shift + !” Any idea how to fix that? I could change shortcuts in blender ,but would like to keep defaults for when I switch blender versions.

Haven’t used mine enough but you could try adding brushes to the radial menu. The buttons on the side of my tablet are a bit hard to press so i find the radial menu more convenient.

yeah that was one of the things I was trying to add ,but ran into the issue of my input getting changed in Wacom properties. Go back and read my other post.