For some reason, whenever I start Blender, it already has the settings that I had before I quit another blend. The cube starts with a spherical field, a particle effect, and a bunch of texture settings already put on, instead of just the cube and no settings. I think somewhere along the lines I pressed something that saved what I had set everything to, so that it would be that way whenever I started the program up. Can anyone tell me how I set Blender to its default settings? Thanks.


u must have by accident pressed (i think it is) shift+u, which saves that projecct as the default startup. to undo this you must put every thing back in its original and press shift+u to save that as the user default.

Shift+u saves a project as the default startup, to undo u must put everything as it originally was before and press shift+u. it should say “save as user default” and click on it.
that will lock that as the default startup.

It’s Ctrl-U, and if you don’t mind the UI that comes default with the download you can find B.blend and delete it. When you open a new blend it’ll be the default config.


Thanks, you guys… that did help. Now it’s all good. I appreciate your assistance! :slight_smile: