SETUP: Rendering architectural line+shadow drawings


How to setup (Cycles) rendering architectural line+shadow drawings like image above?

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Hi Serviteur,

Duplicate all the objects to two layers (the 1st layer will be used for shadows, the 2nd one – for Freestyle lines). Light objects may be duplicated too or made visible to both layers. Activate Freestyle rendering option. Assign all the objects in the Shadow layer a simple white diffuse material; in the Freestyle one – a simple transparent one (fully white). Create two Render Layers (the 1st one – for shadows, the 2nd one – for Freestyle lines). Activate Shadow Pass in the Shadow Render Layer. Render and combine both images in Compositor. See the .blend file attached.

SketchShadow.blend (689 KB)

Thank you Nazarii.

You’re welcome!


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Hi Serviteur,

Maybe this article will help you: