Seventies Stingray


(fin.eskimo) #1

Testing the CGMasters car creation workflow out on an older Stingray model

(fin.eskimo) #2

(Nunud) #3



This is really high quality work…

(fin.eskimo) #4

Thank you very much :blush:

(kevjon) #5

The training paid off, great job on it !

(fin.eskimo) #6

Thanks… It’s a great workflow.

(g6b0r) #7

coool! especially the blue one, but this is my personal taste of color.
(I also considering getting this tutorial, just wondering how advanced you should be before starting this. what was your case fin.eskimo, I mean how much experience have you had before the tutorial?)

(fin.eskimo) #8

Thanks… I kinda prefer the blue one too… the orange is more accurate (based on an original colour scheme)… the course itself is very detailed and complete (pretty much step by step) and comes with resources for textures etc etc… so if you replicate the Stingray in the course you will get there… it will take time… I have a good bit of experience (not in this style of modelling) and was more interested in the workflow so chose a different model, I still watched all chapters and learnt a lot from the techniques used… ultimately if you really commit yourself to a project at any level you will level up and get results. :wink:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

Great result from that tutorial! I’ve added you to the #featured row :+1:

(Member) #10

Nice good job

(alf0) #11

super amazing !!!

(Mike1158) #12

Fantastic render, nicely done.

(rombout) #13

Stunning model and nice that you used those weird colors from 70/80s

Some materials could some more love i thing. I find the chrome a bit general and basic. The rubber on the tires is very dull, perhaps to dull. Dont see any reflection or roughness on there.

Seeing ths really want to finish my first car model and never finished her. I did do tons of test renders and have setup quite some materials. But still need to model tons of interior. Also wanted to give her an engine. But need to bigup my modeling skills


(Green3d) #14

Impressive Work on the exterior and interior of the Car

(Hiisi) #15

The picture is taken a year ago at Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa. I believe this is replica

(fin.eskimo) #16

Thanks so much…

(Aotuhm) #17

Great! I like the Red-Green contrast between the car and the environment :+1:t4:

(Tedri Mark) #18

Oooh nice! I’m hoping to model a Ferrari 308 once I’ve completed the corvette… :o

So long as you follow along, I’d say anyone who has spent at least a few hours inside blender could follow along. Obviously the less experienced you are, the more pausing and rewinding you might have to do.

(djwaterman) #19

I really like those renders, they are almost dream-like, like a teenager’s fantasy of the car he wants, super glossy and idealized.

(rombout) #20

Thanks! I got like a zillion reference shots. Problem is indeed so many variations of this model.