Several Scripts needed: change fonts, set view layer and change mode, etc.


Several scripts have been created by ‘Centauri’ and especially by ‘Ziel’ for the open source anatomy atlas (

Based on the existing script ‘’ shared in/with the file, I propose:

-8 euros to automatically change the font when the chinese language will be chosen
(Font: YuMinCho)
Download free Yu Mincho Regular font | (7.37 Mb), yumin.ttf
and for the hindi (translated into unicode)
(Font:Kruti Dev 010 Regular)

(I already have a unicode version translated with this:
and it works.

-10 euros to display correctly the arabic
It seems a bit more complicated and passes through this addon:
(Font:Scheherazade New/Regular)

-8 euros to change the view layer automatically when the workspace are changed:
2 worspaces and 2 viewlayers
-set ‘Biomechanics’ view layer when ‘Biomechanics’ workspace is chosen,
-set ‘Anatomy’ view layer when ‘Anatomy’ workspace is chosen,

-8 euros to set the end frame of the time line at the last frame of the action and set the current frame at the first keyframe (or frame 1)

-12 euros to reset locations and rotations (‘Alt+G’, ‘Alt+R’) and set Custom property ‘Mocap’ of the armature to zero when the action used on 'Armature is removed and to one when an action is associated to the armature.

Please answer to this post to get the job confirmed
+15 euros if before 12-11-2021

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