And again, I got BORED.
So I did this.
It’s a sewer, possibly a wallpaper.

It’s made for my screen so you might have trouble seeing it good.


Great Concept but you could add a bit more details such as…

A wall texture. Just Cobblestones or something of the like as a bump map would do fine. The texture you used for the water could be less stretched in its lenght (its awfully familiar, I think I have it somewhere in my database :D).

On the other hand I love the lighting. Try using some black mist to make the end of the tunnel end smoothly and not just a dark square.

Otherwise, great work :smiley:

Sounds like an idea.
By the way, it’s a marble-texture with colorband.

Here’s the update.


Very good idea, and it works very well.

One thing - it looks like the ‘Disp’ or ‘Nor’ effect on the walls is actually going the wrong way (so the mortar sticks out). This may not be the case, but just give test it!

Much better :smiley:

Try the mist in the distance. To judge the fog distance enable the “Show mist” option in the camera angle slider panel. Then twaek your fog to the wanted settings


I’m not sure, but i think you’re right.
Anyway, here it is with inverted nor.


I think that the nor is right. However, the goo-stuff in the water looks a bit suspect. Some kind of sharp edges on it.

Nevertheless, a great render ! :slight_smile:

Looking better and better! I would definitely add some black mist towards the end. And the actual sewage could use a few bit of debris and…lumps :-? .

Also, maybe towards the end, one of the lamps could be out (blown bulb). IMO, all of those lights in a row looks too perfect for a sewage.

Also, judging by the spacing of the lights, it looks like the camera should be very close to a light (behind it?). This would give a good reason for you to better illuminate the foreground. Then you could add some details that would be lost in the distance (a hazard sign, a bug or rat somewhere, a mysterious bone or other object that would give the scene a sort of untold story for the viewers to ponder, etc.)

I see Mr. Hanky there!

As my grandmother would say,

“Enough of this lavatory humour!”


hey space, nice one, buy i suggest you photoshop the end a bit cuz it can’t just, just go black

OK, finaly managed to keep PS from crashing.
Here’s the update…


Perfect :smiley:

I like it a lot, great feel. The only thing I don’t like is the water/sewage. There are no specular highlights and being a slimy, gooey, wet mass, it would have some sharp specular highlights. I would add a stucci texture to it and set it to nor. Then turn up specularity and hardness. I don’t know how that would look, but I think something needs to be done to spice up the water. Like was said before, maybe add some random debris in there. But it really has a great feeling as is. Good job. 8)

thats exactly what i was looking for space! you did a very good job.

maybe have some of the lights at different intensities and a slight chage of color (yellow shades).

Not all lights (Especially sewers lights) are the same! :slight_smile:

yes last one really hits the spot :smiley: