SFM (Structure From Motion)

Hello all again :wink: its been a LONG time since I logged into the forum (like 2007 or so). I was surprised my account was still here :stuck_out_tongue: I have done a variety of things since I was last here. (not enough of working with blender though) but now my main computer runs a variation of the ubuntu OS mainly an xfce or kde desktop. But I have gotten to the point where I would love to get back into doing blender again and I have kept up with the progress of blender and it has been amazing. and now with the camera and object tracking, and fire/smoke/water simulations, and even cycles now. I really want to get testing again.

With all of that I was wondering. Lately I have been looking at Structure from Motion programs. where you can have pictures or videos and it will track/correlate the pictures and make a point cloud, from that create a model and from the pics/vids create the texture. So the end result would be a quick fairly detailed texturized 3d model from just pictures and/or videos. There are a variety of programs that can sorta do it but not enough. and with the camera and object tracking that is now in blender I was wondering…

If it is possible to have blender automatically create a texturized model from the pics/vids it calculates? If so I have not seen a post/tutorial on it. I would love to be able to do this for quick set design model that I can destroy or add shadows too. or a number of other things.

Here are some useful links:



Any help is appreciated and Hello again yall :wink: