Shadeless ramp?

Hi, maybe I’m making a silly question, but I’m trying to make a ramp only for the color without the diffuse, I mean without any light shading, but I can’t get it. the only ramps I can play with is in the diffuse or specular but not for the luminosity of the object
If I switch on shadeless, the ramp of the diffuse doesn’t work. By the emit option it doesn’t work either because it tints all the object with 1 color ignoring the ramp of the diffuse.

I guess there should be a way playing with the parameters in the blend mode in the texture section, but I’m lost with the parameters.

Anyway why there is not a ramp for every channel?
Maybe with the nodes would be easier?

Is one of these examples what it is that you are looking for?[ATTACH=CONFIG]145963[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]145964[/ATTACH]

In timothy’s example the colors would change their relative locations as the object and/or camera move. If you want the images to be static (if it were for a grunge map, e.g., a resource for compositing), then I’d suggest making an image with the ramp on it and using UV mapping applied to the color channel, shadeless checked. (In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing this morning on a project I’m working on!)

That is true for the first example using the node setup, but it shouldn’t happen with the second one using a blend texture. However you are right that a UV mapped texture would be the best solution especially for anything complex, however depending on what its being used for UV mapping might just be too much work to be bothered doing it.

Sorry about that timothy! I should have looked a little closer… my bad

No worries. I really should have included some explanation to go along with the screenshots to avoid confusion, so it’s really my bad!

Hey thanks, specially for timothy_young for the graphical explanation. Sorry I didn’t say that I was looking for a falloff dependient of the camera angle. It’s like a fresnel but made with ramps.
Finally I’ve found a way via nodes, using a normal node. I can see it even in the opengl view aswell.
But trying to do it by the blend texture It doesn’t work, I don’t know why, because I’m using normal coordinates as well…