shader artifacts???


I’m doing an animation with blender internal engine. There it appears a kind of metallic cylinder. My problem is that shaders seem to change abruptly from one frame to another. I have checked but still dont know where does this artifact come from.

Here is the video, some help??

I’m using area lights but seems that that’s not the problem.

Thanks in advance!!!

I’ve seen this kind of thing occasionally on auto-smoothed surfaces, and it’s similar to cases when mesh faces are stacked up. Can you post the .blend?

Yeah, you are right!!! seems to be connected to the smoothing!!! What I do is that I smooth just the cylinder, not the whole mesh. How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance!!!


logo.blend (608 KB)

I always set full subsurfed meshes smooth, never only parts. If I want sharp edges, I model them with cuts in the mesh near the corners. This adds polys, of course, but it makes for meshes that render much better IMO.

Also, Shift-E for creasing causes artifacts. I avoid it.