Shader Rally GLSL shader game UPBGE

Shader Rally is a GLSL shader based game.

To run this game you need UPBGE 0.1.8 or higher.

There is no game play. You can only drive around.
The shader is slow (raymarcing), so reduce the window size if it runs to slow.
On graphic cards with low memory it maybe crash Blender.

Uncomment the lines 48, 49 in BufferC to improve the performance.
If line 48 is uncommented, line 49 in need to be commented.
Reducing the “#define RAYTRACE_COUNT 2” 51 in Buffer to 1 also
improves the performance a bit.


this looks like it has no 3d models.could this method be used
to make a minecraft like game?

I got a solid 29 fps after commenting those lines &c.and keeping the window small. Best results so far :slight_smile:

Yes it is possible. I already have a minecraft shader version (only building no creepers), but it bugs a lot in Blender. Actually I was not able to find out why it won’t work in Blender.

I got 20 fps with everything on. 59 with fast version and 1 raytrace count with my old GTX460.

That is a upbge problem and you should ask them.

I don’t think I’ll even try with my integrated card - but it looks amazing, and you sure are putting out a lot of games these days!

it looks really good nice job